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PostSubject: Arcade   Fri Jan 18, 2008 4:09 pm

Hey why not add an arcade to the forum!

Here is how...

Help Forum wrote:
Thanks to zinex, here is a tutorial in order to add arcade games to your forum

This quick arcade comes with:

The ability to add games
High Scores Table
Customisable Css
Shout Box
Mass Email

only downfall is members must register to it, to use it, however if
they click remember me, they wont have to log in each time.

To Get The Arcade

Go here and sign up:

How to Access Arcade

soon as you signup, the next page will show you the URL of your arcade
and the username and password required to log in. Click the link and
make sure you keep a note of it for later. Log in and you will see
above the shout box, your username appear with (ADMIN CP and MOD CP) in
brackets beside it. Click admin CP to see all the things you can set.

How to add Games

This gets a little bit more complicated! First off, this site is great for getting games, you get 8 free downloads a day.
. Register and at the top go into arcade menu and download games. You
will then be taken to the arcade where you can browse through thousands
of games and download them to your computer. It helps to make a new
folder in your c drive, called games.

When you see a game you it to your computer by clicking download game. It will
always be in tar format. Save it to your new games folder without
extracting. Go into your admin panel in your arcade and click add
games. Where it says Tar import click browse, find the game your
downloaded and double click then upload.

Whilst it is
uploaded, extract the tar game you downloaded into your games folder,
by right clicking on it and choosing extract here. You will now have 2
image files, 1 php and 1 SWF file (shockwave flash). Go to yoursel, click video, then browse for the SWF game file
you just unzipped. Click Host It.

It will after a few mins
come up with a new page with the direct address to your swf file. You
want to click view uploaded file. You should now see your flash game on
imageshack. Right click on the page around your game, and click view

This will bring up your notepad with lots of coding in it. You need to search for the code part that looks like this:

Code:href="" it ALWAYS has swf.comments as part of it. it should be the only code in the file with that extension.

When you find it you then want to highlight it so you only copy this:

Code: you dont copy the .comments part.

now you have that copied come back to your arcade and you will now see
the GIF file URL has been filled by imageshack, but the SWF file URL is
empty. Right click and paste your code in there. Further down the page,
the id name will be filled and all you need to do is add sizing (i
always use 500 x 500 though you can edit this if necessary) and a name
which can be anything you choose. If you want to add a description go

Click Save and you can now go back to the arcade to check over your game.

How do i add my arcade to my website?

is fairly simple, go into your admin panel on your forumotion
forum>>>Styles>>>Headers>>>Add a Link.

In picture selected you could add this code for an arcade image but you can have any image you like:


In the redirection URL below it, paste your link to your arcade.

Finally in the alternative text box...give your arcade a name, then save! Your arcade will now appear in your navigation menu.

Where can i get support for my arcade if i have problems?

Quick Arcade Support Forum or pm me, i will help if i can.

This tutorial was made by Typlo of
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PostSubject: Re: Arcade   Fri Jan 18, 2008 5:27 pm

Our administartor and techncians are working on this option.
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