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 Snake Skin effect

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PostSubject: Snake Skin effect   Tue Jan 08, 2008 7:16 am

Adding Snake Skin

Here comes one more tutorial! This time I will show you very easy way to draw snake skin. It will looks like it's real!

1. Open new image
As always, begin drawing with opening new image. It would be enough 160x120 for now.

2. Color the image
Use Texture Fill as the color of the background. Choose texture "Couds.Morning", but do some modifications (unless you want pink and blue snake skin). Change color "Sky" into "Grass Green", "Atmosphere" into "Chartreuse", and "Clouds" into "Martian Green". Don't make other changes.

3. Add Stained Glass effect
To add a Stained Glass effect go to Effects Arrow Creative Arrow Stained Glass. Change options to the folowing:

  • Size = 18
  • Light Intesity = 2
  • Solder = 4, Black
  • 3D lighting = ON

4. Final Touch(es) - Adding Noise
And now when you have done the mail job, you can make it be a little darker and "harder", becuase like this it looks too soft. You need to add noise, with the following changes:

  • Noise type = Gaussian
  • Level = 100
  • Density = 100
  • Color mode = Single, Black

The final look
In end, your picture should looks like this:

Tutorial by Raph95
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Snake Skin effect
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