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 News 12/29/07

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PostSubject: News 12/29/07   Sun Dec 30, 2007 6:27 am

Hello.Our first day went along Great! We had a strong site going and we already had moderators.I would actually like to say a special thanks to our moderators Mistylover and Stitchon.We really appreciate your hard work. Hmm with the sure you read the terms and conditions when you signed up,if not we'll recopy them here and add some more.Here is something that we dont want,for a fact.Please dont post links to other forum sites,saying that one is better.Moderators and Admin work very hard on this each and everyday and it wouldnt be fair for their website to be trashed on. Now were gonna answer a few questions:How many moderators does this site need?This site needs about two moderators for each category.I assign moderators to different boards and categories and some check on all of the boards and categories.I want to report a post,what do I do?Ah thats easy!In the top left hand corner of the post their should be an exclamation point.Click that and follow the instructions.Well those were our two very short questions.I hope to see you soon FCers! Admin
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News 12/29/07
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