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 4/10/08 - Yavn Speaks

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PostSubject: 4/10/08 - Yavn Speaks   Fri May 02, 2008 9:51 pm

Yavn's got an update to the recent announcement about the future of VMK.

Hello again.
So it's been a difficult past few days for all of us. I know many of you are upset some upset with me, some upset with the company, and lots of you just plain upset. Many of you are still struggling to understand the decision we made to close Virtual Magic Kingdom. We hear you and we share your concern and sorrow.

We have received an incredible outpouring of emotion regarding the decision and wish we could respond to each of you. Unfortunately, it's impossible to respond to you all individually. But please know, we're touched by your concerns and feel your heartache.

We hear you and we share your concern and sorrow.
In addition to the concerned and upset players who have contacted us, many of you have called or emailed to thank us for running the product as long as we did. We're glad that you have had a chance to enjoy it and will continue to do so for these next few weeks.

Please know that the decision to close VMK was not made without a great deal of thought and discussion because we loved creating VMK just as much as you loved playing it. We considered many options prior to closing but ultimately determined that VMK had accomplished its goal and then some. VMK was a valuable part of the Disneyland 50th Celebration, but it was never meant to live on forever. It's now time to focus our resources on our new virtual worlds.

Please enjoy VMK while you can, and let's all be thankful that we got to enjoy the game for as long as we did. We thank you for being part of this journey with us! And we hope we continue to see you at and in our other online worlds enjoying what we imagine next!
Hey, we've still got a month and a half left to run the game, and we still have plenty of magic left. Let's enjoy it!

See you in the game,
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4/10/08 - Yavn Speaks
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